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Logging is the premiere feature of Auttaja. We help you log many events around your server that you can't normally do through Discord. We want to help you know everything that is going on around your community!

Logging can be setup easily using our setup command.

Once inside the setup command go to the logging section and then you have access to a multitude of subcategories:

General Logging

This is where we have the general settings for the Logging feature such as Toggling the main logging features, setting the main auttaja logging channel, command auditing and the channel for those audits.

All these settings can be found in the General Logging section.

Invite logging

Invite logging is a very useful feature of ours for working out the invite links the raiders use and what members made these invites. Not only does it tell you the name of the person who used the invite, but also the name of the person who made the invite, the invite code itself and the amount of uses that said invite has.

All the settings for this can be found in the Invite Logging section.

Join/Leave Logging

Join/Leave logging makes a log of every user that joins or leaves the server and displays this in a customizable channel. This is useful for working out new user accounts when a user joins as it shows the creation date of the account when this alert appears.

All of the settings for this feature can be found in the Join/Leave Logging section.

Message Logging

Message logging is one of the most important moderation features a community can have. Users will try to hide their misdeeds and bad actions by deleting and editing messages. We can help you catch that.

Within message logging we also have advanced message logging. This allows us to store mass deleted messages whether it be a ban or a purge and display them neatly on a website for you to review.

All of these settings for this feature can be found in the Message Logging section.

Public Moderation Logging

Public Moderation Logging is a very important logging feature and sends nice looking reports. This allows for users to know whats going on in the server and let's the moderation staff keep an eye on what's happening. It logs everything from bans and kicks by other bots to manual mutes where staff add the muted role to users.

All of the settings for this feature can be found in the Public Moderation Logging section.