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This is the quickstart page for Auttaja.

Adding the bot

You can add the bot from here. Please be aware that you should not adjust the permissions the bot has from the ones on this page since this may break certian functions of the bot due to having no permission to run the functions.

When you add Auttaja to your guild, you should also go into role settings and carefully consider what roles you want Auttaja to manage. For instance, if you have a default member role, Auttaja should be above that and if you have the anti-nuke function enabled you will want the bot above the roles of the staff you want to be covered by it.

Setting up the bot

In order to open the setup, simply run -setup. This should give you a list of options you can modify:


Clicking one of these reactions will take you to the category specified. Here are a list of the categories and what you should expect them to contain:

  • Gatekeeper - Gatekeeper is our name for the new member management system we created. Inside this you'll find the options to set the mode (you can choose between our anti-VPN system, a mode where the user runs a command to agree and a mode where a user has to DM a password in a specified period of time) and the other configurations around each mode (such as a new members channel).
  • Appeals - These are the settings for the system used to appeal punishments made by staff using Auttaja.
  • Automod - Automod is our automatic moderation system for Auttaja. This includes things like anti-spam to stop malicious users spamming, anti-nuke to stop malicious staff destroying a guild and bad link protection to deal with malicious links.
  • Logging - These options are related to logging. They allow you to seperate the different types of logs and switch logging various different things on and off.
  • Nick Requests - This allows users to request nicknames and have your moderators confirm/deny them. These will be settings about this.
  • General - General settings to do with Auttaja.

For a more detailed description of the features, use the features bit of this documentation.

Using commands

For a deep overview of each command, use the commands bit of this documentation. If not, simply run -help. This will display a list of categories which will each have commands in them:


As with before, simply clicking the reactions will take you into the category. From there, you can use the reactions to flick between the pages or go to the main menu.

The default prefix is -. You can change that with -setprefix [prefix].